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About us

How we operate


Founded in 2022, Gabera Foundation is a non-profit association in Niger, West Africa, with the aim to harness the positive potential of digitalization to solve social and environmental problems in society. It supports professional tech training and job creation and promotes the development of free, open-source solutions to enable access to technology for all. 

Legal status

Gabera Foundation is a registered association in Niger with nonprofit status, own legal personality, and members.

Our Governance

The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Organization. It is composed of the founding members and active members of the association. Each person who is either a founding member or an active member has one vote. However,, the votes of the founding members are preponderant.


Our Charter

Here you find our charter (in French).

Mission, vision, strategy

Here you find information about our mission, vision and strategy.

How we are funded

Hybrid funding model

Gabera Foundation is the joint venture of the two enterprises Gabera Software Solutions SARL Niger and Gabera Software Solutions AG Switzerland. Both companies provide part of the foundation's resources.


The foundation also generates income through its service provision to companies in Europe, for example for recruitment and training service delivery.


Part of the income is raised through donations from foundations ins Europe. Donations are made exclusively to the foundation's non-profit projects.


The foundation's resource development partner in Europe: Gabera e.V. Liechtenstein


Gabera e.V. is a non-profit association based in Liechtenstein. The association purpose is to raise funds for the projects of Gabera Foundation in Niger. All proceeds go to the Foundation's charitable projects in Niger.

Gabera e.V. Liechtenstein


The association aims to use the positive potential of the digital transformation for people and the environment to improve the quality of life, strengthen social relationships and social cohesion, create jobs and secure our livelihoods. It aims to counteract a digital divide in society by promoting equal opportunities through digital participation.

Legal status

Gabera e,V. is a registered association in Liechtenstein with nonprofit status, own legal personality, and members. The registration number in the Liechtenstein Commercial Register is FL-0002.500.603-4.


The organs of the association are: the general meeting, the board of directors, and the auditors. The organs are active on an honorary basis. They are entitled to compensation for their expenses.


The General Meeting is the supreme body of the Association. It consists of all members of the association.


Board of Director

The members of the Board of Directors work exclusively on an honorary basis without remuneration. Members of the board are: Alice Nägele (President) Maria Bieberschulte, Rubén Schoch

Our Charter

Here you find our charter (in German).

Tax exemption and donation certification

It is recognized as tax-exempt due to its non-profit status. Donations to the association can be deducted from taxes. A certificate of donation is issued for each donation.

We commit ourselves to transparency

Below you will find information about Gabera Foundation according to the points of the Initiative Transparent Civil Society, an initiative by Transparency International in Germany. The initiative defines basic points that every civil society organisation should publish. These include, the articles of association, the names of the key decision-makers as well as information on the source of funds, the use of funds and the personnel structure.

1.Name, registered office, address and year of foundation:

Name: Gabera Foundation

Office and address: c/o Swiss UMEF University of Niger, Quartier Couronne Nord 

près du rond-point Mairie garage, BP 12084  Niamey, Nige
Founded: 2022

2. Statutes and information on goals: 
Here you will find our statutes as well as general information about our goals and vision.
3. Information on tax exemption: Our work is exempt from corporate income tax due to our non-profit status.​ (Request pending at the Ministry in Niger)


4.  Name and function of key decision-makers: The key decision-maker of Gabera Foundation are Issaka Ardaly (President), Zeynab Jacob Co-Founder / Board) and Alice Nägele (Co-Foundnerr / Board Secretary)
5. Activity report : Not yet applicable 
6. Personnel structure: 28 full-time trainees (as of March 31, 2023).
7. Information on the use of funds: All funds go to non-profit projects mentioned here.

8. Information on the source of funds (donations, grants etc.): Donations from foundations in Europe, service provision for companies in Europe.

9. Corporate ties with third partners: Gabera Foundation is the legally independent non-profit partner of Gabera Software Solutions SARL in Niger as well as Gabera Software Solutions AG in Switzerland.

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