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Robot and Coding Days

We run Robot Days at Nigerien schools and universities to bring young people, in particular women, into coding.

We are living in a technological age – almost every job requires the use of a computer. Basic, standard or advanced technical competence are essential for most decent and well-paying jobs. Coding skills are key in many industries and sectors. The growth potential of the digital economy presents an opportunity for tackling the youth employment challenge in Niger. 

In 2023, Gabera Foundation will launch a pilot project to build youth’s interest in coding while developing leadership skills. The project aims at bringing more young people, in particular women, into coding. This will be achieved by running ten “Robot Days” in partnerships with ten primary and secondary schools as well as universities, directly reaching 500+ pupils and students in Niger. Our digital skills education days and experiential learning opportunities are designed to broaden the view young people and help them develop skills they will need for their future professional lives. 


Students participate in a full or half day of age-appropriate experiential, hands-on, and fun learning journey geared toward technical skills, in particular coding, and soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, social and emotional skills. Gabera Foundation provides expertise, ICT equipment, training materials, and professional guidance for the participants. 

Is your school or university interested? Contact us!


Download Flyer Robot Day

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