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School Management Software

We build a free, open-source and flexible school management and learning platform to reduce corruption and increase student learning outcomes. In a pilot phase we work with 10 schools with a total of 20’000 pupils.

The administrator of an average Nigerien school with 2’000 students spends several weeks per year to manually prepare the yearly class enrollment lists. A teacher spends on average 3 minutes calculating and recording a homework and overall grade for a student. For a school of 2’000 students with 24 classes each, this takes 1’200 hours. Additionally, an administrator spends 30 minutes per student calculating final grades and rank, or a total of 1’000 hours per school. Schools are understaffed and teachers are overworked. Due to the manual admin work, they lose valuable time that they could better spend with the students and their parents. This affects student learning outcomes negatively


Properly implemented, school management software has the ability to promote technology in schools, reduce corruption, lower school operating costs, and increase administrative efficiency and the utilization of existing resources. It gives schools a clear example of how IT can improve their lives and communities. 

  • Software boosts productivity: Teachers and administrators automate the usual time-consuming tasks like time-table creation, attendance, etc.

  • Software improves communication: Parents stay updated on children’s education. The Parent Portal stimulates engagement and participation.

  • Software increases transparency: It enhances digital and physical data security.  Further, one of the cheapest and most effective ways to increase transparency and accountability in the fight against corruption is the introduction of school management software.

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Product Features 
School Management Software


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