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IT Talent Hub Niamey

At Gabera's training center in Niamey, you can learn to be a skilled software developer in 2 years. After graduation, we connect you to our Nigerien and international business partners and open up job oportunities for you.


Gabera's Software Development Fellowship is a highly intensive 2-years  program that requires a big commitment from students. In order to head straight into a paid job upon graduation, students will have to put a lot of time and effort in. 


Our programme is designed by industry experts and is delivered in an immersive and practical style. We continually evolve our courses to meet the skills needs of employers.


We offer two types of two-year full-time traineeships:


  1. Software Developer Training (Track 1) SQL, C#, Python, Web, App, SPS, Data Mining, Robotics

  2. PLC Technician training (installation and maintenance) (Track 2) PLC, electrical engineering, automation, in cooperation with Witron and EMIG

Learning concept and pedagogical approach


Challenge-based learning:


  • Daily team stand-ups

  • Weekly coding review sessions with an industry expert

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Group projects with strict deadlines

  • Self-directed projects

  • Project presentations

  • Continuous self-learning

  • E-learning with udemy

Who should apply? 

Instead of only considering a candidate's academic background, Gabera Foundation is looking to hire people who are curious, have strong problem-solving and communication skills, and are passionate about learning. 

Selection, application, fees

The internship is highly competitive. We take the best IT talent and offer them a  stipend to cover meals and travel expenses.

Internship opportunities

We currently have 35 interns in our internship programme in Niamey. We are not recruiting any more interns at the moment. We invite you to visit our website again in the course of 2023.


Contact us for more information

Phone +227 70 97 92 26 / +227 97 59 58



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